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Drugs for the treatment of cancer

4SC focuses on the development of novel small molecule drugs that target key mechanisms of cancer development, such as histone deacetylases (HDAC). Such drugs are intended to provide patients with innovative treatment options that are more tolerable and efficacious than existing therapies and provide a better quality of life.

4SC’s current product pipeline includes one program in clinical development: resminostat.

4SC’s goal is to advance its own drug development programs in order to increase the value of the Company as a whole through entering into valuable partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for the further development or commercialization of 4SC’s drug candidates, and/or the eventual marketing and sales of approved drugs in select territories, such as Europe.

Our business model

4SC’s business model is focused on advancing attractive drug candidates in refractory, relapsing, resistant and non-responding patients in cancer indications with the highest unmet medical need and considerable economic potential along the path to market maturity and commercializing them in licensing partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies while maintaining select territories – such as Europe – for direct sales and marketing.

Through resulting license fees, milestone payments and royalties, and direct sales revenues, 4SC aims to achieve sustainable revenue growth and profitability.

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