Cash Capital Increase 2019

4SC AG resolved to conduct a cash capital increase to raise funds to continue to advance its development programs for the drug candidates resminostat and domatinostat.

Securities Prospectus download prospectus
Rights Offering download rights offering
Current number of bearer shares 30,648,513
Maximum number of newly issued bearer shares 15,324,256
Determination of the subscription price The subscription price per new share is expected to be determined on 21 June 2019, taking into account the volume-weighted average price (VWAP) of 4SC AG in the XETRA electronic trading system on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from the beginning of the subscription period on 13 June 2019 until the close of trading on 20 June 2019, less a potential discount yet to be determined, but in any case the subscription price will not exceed EUR 4.00.
Subscription price EUR 2.37 (10% discount to VWAP of EUR 2.6345)
Subscription ratio for existing shareholders 2 : 1
(2 existing shares entitle the holder to subscribe for 1 new share)
Subscription period 13 June 2019, 0:00 hrs. CEST, to 26 June 2019, 24:00 hrs. CEST

Offer Shares not subscribed for in the Offering will be offered for sale to international institutional investors in private placements after the end of the subscription period on 27 June 2019. To the extent the Offer Shares are not allocated in the private placement, shareholders who have issued subscription offers for further Offer Shares (over-subscription) may receive additional Offer Shares.

Executed subscription rights 1,054,782
Number of bearer shares after capital increase 35,325,216
Gross proceeds EUR 11,083,786.00
Underwriter MainFirst Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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