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Drugs for the treatment of cancer

Headquartered in Planegg-Martinsried near Munich/Germany, 4SC is an innovative biopharmaceutical company with a strong focus on clinical development. We develop targeted small molecule drugs with an epigenetic mode of action for the treatment of cancer in indications with a high unmet medical need and major economic potential.

In doing so, we wish to offer affected patients treatment options that are more effective and better tolerated to provide a better quality of life and create value for our shareholders, partners and employees.

Our common goal is to successfully bring the first epigenetic cancer drug made by 4SC to the market.
Jason Loveridge, Ph.D. | CEO

Our focus: Epigenetics, cancer stem cells and cancer immunotherapy

Our product pipeline comprises promising drug programs at various stages of clinical development, as well as early-stage research projects. We are focusing on fields of research with an especially promising future – such as

and other, important cell communication patterns that contribute to the development and persistence of cancer.

Through development and marketing partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we are bringing our programs closer to market approval, thus ensuring commercial success. Eventually, we will also market and sell approved drugs in select territories on our own.

Legal structure of the Group

The 4SC Group comprises the Group parent 4SC AG as well as 4SC Discovery GmbH, which is wholly owned by 4SC AG. 4SC AG is a publicly listed company under German law. The shares of 4SC AG have been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 15 December 2005.

The Group operates in the “Development” segment, which covers all preclinical and clinical development of 4SC’s products up to market approval. The “Discovery & Collaborative Business” segment encompasses all preclinical research projects. 4SC uses the epigenetic projects and the underlying knowledge as a basis for its development activities. In addition, 4SC plans to sell or out-license its other projects not relating to epigenetic cancer therapy.

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